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Justin & Hollie - Getting to the Gig Saturdays 5-7pm 105.5fm

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Light @ the end of the tunnel - The Traveling Wanna B's return home to Midtown Oyster Bar Newport October 9th 9:30pm  First time since covid shutdowns  

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JP returns to Fort Myers FL. 
Nov 4 Nauti Parrot Oasis 6-10pm solo
Nov 5 Nauti Parrot Dock Bar 6-10pm featuring Mike Yacovelli on drums

Tiki Bar Fridays on the beach @ Georges of Galilee friday evenings 4 - 7:30pm with Justin Pomfret live acoustic. No show on  Aug 13
WindJammer Tuesdays 1-5pm Outdoor Beach Bar  except july 27  @ Blu on Water 6-10pm


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